Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Little Bit of This, That and The Other Thing.

My schedule** called for 9 miles today and 4 miles tomorrow. Tootsie and I were the only hikers meeting today so we opted to go to Ridley Creek instead of MLC's regular Second Saturday @ Wissahickon. RCSP is closer to home for both of us. We met at picnic area #9. The plan was to do the white trail loop; then the blue trail lollipop. Both are accessible for area #9 and combined they'd be about 7.25 miles. Then there is a White, blue, #9 parking lot loop that would likely make up the difference in 2 or 3 loops.

Took this at another spot
on the trail but the conditions
are the same. 
We only got .15 on to the trail and came across a sheet of ice heading steeply down. Unlike last week there was no snow to provide traction. We could have made a path for ourselves off the trail but a) I don't like doing that to preserve the area around the trail and b) there are parts of the white loop where the trail banks are too steep for that. So we went back to our cars and headed for the paved multi-use trail. It was better than not doing any miles.

It was a pleasant enough walk and we checked the trail several times where it crossed the paved MUT and found varying conditions. Some still very icy and some clear. On the back side of the loop, we met a group of Temple University students who asked that we take their photo. We gladly did so and found out they were taking a course at school on camping and backpacking. This walk was homework. Really? They didn't have courses like that when I was in college!! I'm only tad bit jealous. Can ya tell?

Tootise and I returned to our cars with just over 5 miles total. I started to drive home feeling disappointed that I didn't get to 9 miles. I know I'm going to heed the windchill and high wind warning for tomorrow and likely not go out. So I really wanted to at least get today's miles in. So I stopped at Rose Tree Park and put in some miles there as well. I figured correctly that the open spaces of the park meant more sunshine and therefore less of the refrozen ice and snow we saw at RCSP. I was right but the wide open spaces meant the winds were more noticeable too. I managed to eek out 8.22 total before I got too cold and super hungry because I wasn't paying attention to hydration like I should have been.

Through out today's hike I was feeling the effects of my workout with Maggi on Thursday. My hamstrings and inner thigh muscles made themselves known yesterday and were very noticeable as I walked and hiked today. When I was at Rose Tree Park I tried to focus on keeping my core engaged as I went. It was difficult and I kept getting distracted and losing it. Plus it felt awkward and I'm sure that is because I'm fighting years of walking and running with poor core habits. BUT when I was able to hold it I noticed the strain in my leg went away. Not sure how much of that was that I had just warmed up enough by then or was managing my core better.

Here is the link to my Garmin stats.

Total miles today. The straight
lines are the car rides to
the different start points.
** My schedule does not officially start until March 9th after DST begins. The weather, the spelling bee and the history day programs make Jan and Feb too difficult to plan anything. But I did extrapolate backwards from March figuring if I got out I'd have something to follow. It's very unofficial though. ;)

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