Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy.

Which may (partly) explain the obsession with shadow pictures. 

Media is "Everybody's Hometown" and I guess that makes Ridley Creek State Park "Everybody's Hometown Park". At least it's mine. Less than 10 minute drive from my house it is perfect for Sunday morning hikes. I can sleep in a bit (something I seem to want to do more as I get older), get in a decent hike and be home before the day is all but gone. It's nice to follow up Saturday's longer adventures with a shorter, familiar hikes close to home. RCSP is also big enough that I can put longer hikes together when I want. My longest to date is 13+ miles and there was plenty more to go without doubling back yet. 

Another benefit to RCSP is that bikes are restricted to the multi-use trail. I appreciate that mountain biking is the sport of choice for many and when I go to places like Smedley Park or Wissahickon I expect to be sharing the trails with them and I'm ok with that. It's a different kind of hike though. It's nice to have a spot I can go and not have to be on that kind of alert. 

Yesterday's gray skies gave way to full sunshine. I took my time enjoying the sun and the trails. I'll say no more and just leave you with a few pictures. 

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