Saturday, November 8, 2014

Hiking with Mr. and Mrs. B.

After my all day excursion two weeks ago I took some time off. I kept up with Yoga and made it out to Haverford College once (where it was too spooky in the dark alone) but other than that I took it easy for two weeks.

Today I got back to work.

Although it is tough to call it work since I got to spend the entire hike with Julius and Maggi also fondly known as the Bickersons. One of them, damned if my old brain can remember which, gave me credit today for giving them the nickname but I actually think the other is right and that it was Jeannie. But I can say that I've witnessed my share of their antics - and love every minute of it. They both have quick wits and can dish the snark (with incredible aim) as well as take it. I was surprised that it took 29 minutes and change before the first zing today. I wondered if they were losing their art. But it was such a gorgeous day and I think we were all a bit bedazzled by that!

However once they got started I was thoroughly entertained although not once did either one of them call the other a 'fat butt'. If they had I might still be up there rolling around laughing.

We climbed Mt Misery and the Horseshoe Trail, back down the other side and then over Mt Joy for a circle back to our cars. All in all it was about 4.5 miles. Combined, the two make a nice hill workout. Today both were covered in leaves making the small rocks and tree roots difficult to see but I'm please to say we all made it upright the whole way.

We met at 8:30 with Michael M. and a new member to the group Kris. Michael and Kris headed out
on a trail run while we hiked. We met up with them again as we were coming down the far side of Misery and again at the parking lot before heading home.

It was a great day to start phase two of my Super Hike training. Tomorrow I'm off to Ridley Creek State Park with a goal of 4.5 more miles make it a 9 mile weekend.

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