Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sometimes things don't happen the way you expect.

Two weeks ago I did 4 hill repeats. Last Thursday I should have done 5 but it was raining and I didn't feel well. I might battle one or the other but together not so much. So today I planned to do 5. On the way home I talked myself into 2 walk - 1 run- 1 walk - 1 run. After I parked the car and walked over to the hill I had decided on 1 walk - 2 run - 1 walk - 1 run.

I ended up doing 1 walk and 4 run!!

Sometimes things don't happen the way you expect. :) :)

The key to success tonight was not caring about the pace of the run portions.I didn't feel the need to 'race' up the hill. I just wanted to get there.  I didn't even bring my Garmin. I focused on form and keeping enough run pace to move up the hill steady. I wanted to find that spot where I could get my heart rate up, sweat a little, but not be gasping for breath at the top. I wanted to keep my shoulders and fists loose. Just move and smile. I succeeded.

Could I have run harder? Yes. Should I have run harder? I don't know and I can honestly say I don't care about that right now. I completed what I set out to do. I want to get stronger. Stronger translates into faster in the long hike because - combined with proper fueling - it will mean being able to go longer distance before fatigue sets in. But I'm training for a hike not a sprint.

Keep smiling and keep moving


  1. Good for you! See you next Saturday!

  2. Woohoo BS! If you are happy with what you did and how you did it then don't second guess it :-) So proud of you!!!