Wednesday, October 22, 2014


My new hiking shoes are awesome. Patagonia Drifters. They fit perfectly. Right out of the box they took me up and down Hawk Mountain (twice) on Saturday and around Ridley Creek State Park's White Trail on Sunday. Not a smidgen of discomfort. It's really quite incredible.

What has me shaking my head now is the number of pairs of shoes I have for sport. I have my new awesome hiking shoes. I have two pairs of Saucony running shoes from my abandoned marathon training last year. They still have life in them and I'm using them for my hill workouts and pavement walking. I also have an older pair of Saucony's that I wear to and from Yoga class (because there are these silly rules about driving without shoes). I dug them out of the closet for this purpose so as not to wear the others out.

If you are keeping up that's 4 pairs. It's Madness!! For someone who craves order and reasonableness - especially when it comes to spending habits - this has the makings of a nervous breakdown.

Having said that I just went online and ordered a second pair of my wonderful hiking shoes. I will likely need them before the Super Hike which is 10+ months and about 700 miles away. I'm trying not to hyperventilate here.... they were more than 1/2 off the regular price.

I had to do it.

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