Thursday, September 25, 2014

Working Out In TheTime of Ragweed

My apologies to Gabriel Garcia Marquez but truly it was inevitable. For me at least this is shaping up to be the worst ragweed season in recent memory. And despite the opinion of the checkout person at Kohl's earlier this week I am not a senior citizen yet and my memory is just fine thank you very much.

What was I talking about?.... Oh yeah ragweed allergy. It's the kind of year that leaves me drained and feeling like I want to rip my face off because it itches so much. Yesterday I had a two pill day ....ugh. Needless to say this is getting in the way of exercise. All I want to do is sleep.

Something to be worried about is that the depending on conditions the Super Hike could end up being a bad allergy day in 2015. I gotta hope that it isn't or that it's mild enough that hiking will be enough to keep the demons at bay. Often I can avoid or lessen the effect of an attack by getting my blood moving.

I did manage a 5k hike yesterday at Okehocking before bailing but yesterday it was partly sunny and warm. Today it's rainy and about 62 so I didn't even bother to go out for hill work. Two negatives, in this case, do not make a positive.

I am grateful that not all years are as rough as this one.

Keep smiling and keep moving ....
(Achoo, sniff)

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