Friday, August 1, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Rest Day

So not all these thoughts came today rather they've been accumulating and there hasn't been room or opportunity to put them in recent posts.

"I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees" -Henry David Thoreau. I saw this quote a little while ago and I love it. This really is how I feel after a good long hike.

Several times in recent weeks I've felt like running. I'm not going back to running but the desire to run on the trail is a good sign:
a) to be able to think about running again and not feel overwhelmed at the thought is a sign - to me anyway - that my fitness is returning.
b) after DST ends available trail hours - especially on weeknights - will be short. A trail run might work best from time to time.
c) trail runs will be a good way to get my heart rate up and build aerobic endurance. I'll need that to keep moving on the climbs at SSH.

I got a nice message from Pete (MLC founder and local trail guru) complimenting me on my training and suggesting I do the hike this year. That was awesome to hear but I am sticking with my plan for 2015. I have admit to thinking about trying a (shorter) trail event or two between now and then. Only if the timing and how I feel is right.

Here are some photos from past SSH events. These give a good idea of what the trail and the views will be like. Photo #6 is a little unnerving but it won't keep me from doing the event.

Tomorrow's hike is being threatened by an unsettled forecast. The only thing the various reporting outlets can agree on is that it will rain. As long as it's not monsooning, thundering or lightening I'll be out there.

Keep smiling and keep moving......

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