Sunday, July 6, 2014

Rest Day(s)

I thought about going to hike at Smedley Park today. It was hard to resist the urge since it is yet another gorgeous day. I feel good. My right hip is a little buzzy but hiking doesn't bother it they way the bike does. Still, I know I need to rest, stretch and strengthen my glutes, hamstrings and hip flexors if I want to keep hiking, biking, smiling and moving. And I do.

I recalled the exercises the PT gave me last year and did a set this morning along with some yoga. the difference between my right and left legs is significant. I'm going to do two more sets today and aim for two a day on weekdays. Not so easy to do all of them at work but there a few stretches and yoga poses I can do at my desk that won't flash anyone. LOL There's always the handicap stall in the bathroom if there are any raised eyebrows (or bigwigs in the office) but I still won't do any lying on the ground exercises there!

I have a hike planned for Wednesday at Ridley Creek State Park. And my goal the next three days is to start a routine of stretching and strength work which will carry far beyond Wednesday.

So this morning I skipped the hike, did some PT and cleaned the bathroom. Oh joy!

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