Sunday, June 22, 2014

Keep smiling and keep moving. You'll rarely feel worse and most times you'll feel better.

I wanted to bike today.

I woke up to a crashing against my second floor bedroom window. After a quick and heart thudding look out the window I determined the likely source was one of the two squirrels chasing each other up and down and across the trees. I think one of them missed the jump and ricocheted off my window. Hello! I'm up. (And the squirrels are fine BTW.)

My head was fuzzy and I wondered if a bike ride was really what I wanted to do. The answer was yes -- and no. I decided some breakfast, a bottle of water and a cup of coffee where necessary before making any decision. Unfortunately I was still fuzzy. after that. I must have inhaled too many allergens during yesterday's adventure.

A street ride was not a good idea. I did not feel up to traffic, hills and blind curves all of which are in abundance all around me. The bike was already in the car so I  headed to the Chester Valley Trail.

I parked by the Wegmans in Malvern figuring  I could pick up some produce before heading home. I rode west on the CVT first. This section is pretty much flat as a pancake. No reason or opportunity to coast which was a good thing. After yesterday, spinning wheels on the bike was a good idea and on the trail it was way less boring than on the trainer.

I returned to Wegmans with just over 9 miles done. My head was clearer.
Although not completely it was enough to keep going. The trail was full of people and bike traffic. Still it was better than cars.

I took the trail to the east from Wegmans in Malvern to the end near the Wegmans in King of  Prussia. This was the first time I rode past Devon Park Road and over the bridge that crosses 202. For some reason I think that is a neat thing ... to ride over all that crazy traffic on 202 right where it dumps onto 76. It truly doesn't take much to make my day.

All told I covered 26 miles. I didn't bring anything to eat though and was pretty hungry at the end. And I still wanted to stop in the store for produce. Not the best idea but I did manage to get in and out without buying out the store.

I still feel a bit fuzzy in the head from allergies but I also feel buzzed from exercise.

Keep smiling and keep moving. You'll rarely feel worse and most times you'll feel better.

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