Thursday, April 3, 2014

Witness Protection

My running mojo has gone into hiding. For awhile there I had glimpses of it but lately I can't find a trace. So I've decided the best strategy is to stop looking.

On Tuesday I went walking from the Betzwood Trailhead out on the Schuylkill River Trail with my friend Elaine. We put in a good 4+ miles in just over an hour. The weather was just about perfect. Toward the end I wished I had worn my head band. It was just cool enough to bother my ears but not enough for a headache fortunately. Here is me on the picnic bench waiting for Elaine to switch into long pants. The sun was really very bright even at 6 PM. Yay for DST, Spring and Summer. :)

On Wednesday I posted a walk for Inner Line Drive at Valley Forge. No one took me up on it so I went alone. Inner Line drive goes nowhere but in a misshapen horseshoe inside the park from Route 23 just west of the Chapel back to Route 23 a little farther west of the Chapel. I think most of us never see what's there unless you've been there for a grade school field trip or take the bus encampment tour given by the park. I can't remember the last time I was up there. The road meanders around and up Mt Joy.

When I came to these stairs I had to see where they went. The led to a dirt trail that climbed to a clearing at the top of Mt. Joy. I wonder if this is where the observation tower used to be. If so, there is no sign of it now. Not even a base for it. It was a nice climb though. There was a trail on the other side of the clearing that likely comes out on the Drive on the other side or possibly goes all the way to the bottom of the mountain. I'll try that next time. I wanted to stick to the drive this trip and see where it went exactly. As you continue on the Drive you can see the other trails that climb Mt Joy. I'm glad to see them open again. For a period last year they were closed.

On the far side of the Drive I saw the monument for the New Jersey Brigade. If you look closely just to the left and behind you can make out the mama deer giving me the evil eye for stopping there. Her fawn was just off the edge of my photo.

I had a great time on both walks. Tonight I was hoping to join the Suburban Cyclists Group on their ride out of Collegeville. I need to get over my fear of riding in groups but decided tonight was not going to be that night.

I'll leave you with a few more photos from the Inner Line Drive walk.
For Molly. I know how you love sun photos.
This was just about 6 p.m. before my walk. 
Looking out across 23 and 422 at St. Gabe's as I came down
off the mountain. 

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