Thursday, April 24, 2014

In Over My Head

Tonight I met the SCU group at the Appalachain Brewing Company for their Thursday night ride out of Collegeville. I kinda knew going in that there was likely not a group slow enough for me but I figured I'd show up and ask and then go out on the Perkiomen Trail on my own if it came to that. I got swept up in the kindness of the group again. With assurances that no one gets left behind and I shouldn't worry about that off I went with them anyway.

Well it was obvious very quickly that their slow group was still way ahead of my condition. My endurance just isn't there. My legs didn't mind the hills all that much but my lungs sure did. :( True to their word one of the group stayed back and babysat me. I knew I would not get left behind or lost.

Then we turned a corner and I recognized access to the Skippack Trail which meets up with the Perkiomen Trail that would take me back to Collegeville. No worries about getting lost and plenty of daylight left to do it. I called ahead to two different people in my group - including the group leader. One relayed the message again to the group leader and a third person heard me as well. I knew this because he checked to make sure I knew where I was. I did.

I didn't want to just disappear on them. So secure in the knowledge that everyone knew where I was going I turned off onto the trail. All the years of running out this way paid off big time tonight. I made my way back to Collegeville.

Tomorrow I'm off to Harrisburg for the PA Council of Mediators conference for Friday and Saturday. I'm looking forward to it.

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