Saturday, December 21, 2013

I Survived a "5"

I love trail running. I know I say that after each run but I can't help it. I'm in that totally infatuated stage of the relationship where the trail can do no wrong! I'm most disappointed in myself for the Saturdays of late where I let my old lady brain roll over and go back to sleep. Today as I ran I thought I should just hang a note from my bedside lamp that says "You love trail running, dork, get up!!".

Pete White planned a run at Evansburg State Park that he titled "The Oasis Of Nowhere" with the following description.
"Back to that secluded gem, Evansburg State Park, with a lot of varied advanced beginner terrain-creeks, bluffs, fields, forests and geysers. Or at least most of these.
MLC Rating: 4"
When we (Julius, Maggi, Russ and I) arrived he gave us the good news-bad news "The good news is that these trails can get very muddy", he says smiling grinning, "And that can be a lot of fun. The bad news is they are not so much muddy today. There is a lot of ice and snow mixed in. Don't step in the gray parts." Yak Trax probably would have been a good idea today but by the time we got the 'news' we were ready to go so I left them in the trunk.

Quote of the day "How can you not like snow! This is fun". Said just a spit second before my  foot slipped out from under me causing me to flail wildly to stay upright. A 6 on the flailing scale for sure. My hands never touched the ground!! :) Well, not that time anyway. That came later after I decided to remove my gloves because I was warmed up and my hands were feeling uncomfortable in the gloves. Sure enough, not a half mile later BAM! Hands first in to the snow and mud! LOL

Up and down we went trying to align ourselves with Pete's definition of 'significant hill'. I reminded myself that this run was rated a 4 so there had to be some, but Pete had commented as we ran slid down one at the beginning of the run that that one was the only 'significant' hill on our route. When called on this later, he informed us that the others were 'rises'.

I have to stop here a moment and say that we tease him mercilessly about the difference between his and our perception of difficulty but it's just talk. If it weren't for his encouragement, people like me wouldn't be out there. He is an awesome pacer. He managed to push our little group just enough today so we worked hard but still loved the run.

Another benefit of running with an experienced trail runner is going places you probably wouldn't go on your own. I commented on this as we zigzagged our way up the side of one hill where the path was barely wide enough for one person and - today at least- was half ice and half snow. I felt like one good slip and I'd be rolling down the hill into the creek. I found myself leaning left away from the creek. I wasn't afraid - I really was having too much fun to be afraid - but I really did not want to go for a swim either.

On another section we came around the bend to find a hunter sitting quietly, gun across his lap, waiting patiently for a target. He didn't acknowledge us at all. He was probably not thrilled at our presence since our shouting and laughter likely kept his targets away.

So back to the advanced billing of today's run? I'd say we did get the creeks, bluffs, fields and forests. And you could say we had geysers every time one of us mis-stepped a creek crossing and went splashing down in the water. I think we all did that at least once.

Back in the parking lot, safe and sound ..... well safe at least, Pete said "If you did this, you can do Tyler!" And he upgraded the run to a 5 because of the snow!

I survived a 5.

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  1. Sounds like you all had fun! Today was awesome with it being so warm. Kim and I spent the morning outside running around and playing basketball.