Sunday, November 10, 2013

Fall at the Wisshickon Gorge

I was 1-2 weeks late to really experience fall along the Wissahickon Creek & Forbidden Drive. Still, I had a great hike today. My plan was to hike the Orange Trail along one side of the creek; cross over to Forbidden Drive at Valley Green and walk back to NW Ave and my car. Before I started out I stopped at Cedars House and picked up a trail map for the area. With that I was able to see how to return on trails on the other side of the creek instead of Forbidden Drive.

I remembered a run with Pete and MLC crew last fall/winter where we were able to access the Orange Trail without having to go out FD to Bells Mills road. I took that route. The trails at Wissahickon here are frequented by hikers, runners, mountain bikers and horses. I even saw a boy on a unicycle once! The Orange trail however has mostly hikers and runners as most of it does not allow bikes or horses. It's a little too rocky including one spot with virtually no sign of trail. One must sort of scramble hand over foot.

I saw quite a few hikers as I made my way out to Valley Green. I was really excited to see the number of small children hiking rather than being carried. One man was accompanied by two toddlers. They couldn't have been more than 4. I smiled as I watched them hike. What really made me smile though was realizing Dad was carrying their tiny tricycles! I pointed and asked "Future mountain bikers". He grinned, "You bet!".
I could have sat in this spot for hours!

At Valley Green, I crossed over and began to take the yellow trail back toward NW Ave and my car. I missed a turn and ended up on some single track trails high up on the ridge. I was passed in both directions multiple times by horses and mountain bikers. Some of the curves were tight. I had to be extra alert for oncoming traffic that - at least the bikes - would have mowed me down. At one point bikes met horses. I stood off to the side to watch them navigate past each other. I didn't take a photo because I was too focused on not becoming collateral damage! The wrong turn added time and distance to the hike and I've made a note to go back earlier in the month next year to see the colors. I bet it was awesome a few weeks ago!

I had a really nice time today. 2.5 hours in a gorgeous area. I'm looking forward to going back and exploring more of the trails I've not been on before.

In other unrelated to the hike stuff:

I've discovered that Dave and I are not jigsaw compatible. Here is what I came home to earlier this week.

I need my pieces messy. I like looking for them. I had just gotten used to his tendency to group them and not THIS (what you see in the photo) Beyond crazy! :) For better or worse I guess. :)

Also, the End to End Hike I mentioned a few posts ago? Probably not going to happen. My friend Kristi Y helped me with a reality check on that and - although doable - it is a stretch to be ready for that by April 2014. I'd basically be trying to train for an ultra marathon after having done nothing for so long. Maybe another year. Still, I hope to keep adding hiking to the mix of activities. Today was so nice!

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  1. Ohm, gorgeous picture! It's beautiful! I love rives! :) I think I'm like you, though, I like to search for my pieces in a puzzle. But sometimes I think having them organized could be very helpful. :) So I guess I'm not sure what I would like better; organized or not. :D