Sunday, November 3, 2013

89 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes, 38 seconds....

..... Until sister #3's birthday cruise. It's fun to countdown as we wait to celebrate yet another of our 50th birthdays. That's not what today's post is about really but I can work it in.... watch me ;)

Not much has happened since my last post - hence the lack of words. Halloween came and went without a hurricane (2012) or a snow storm (2011) which allows fall to give off color in ways we've missed lately.

Downtown Media - November 2, 2013
Naomi, Mike, Sara and I had a great time on the Horseshoe Trail on Sunday October 20th. You can see photos here.

My attempts to run trails with Misery Loves Company were thwarted once again although this time for something I really wanted to do. I am taking a mediator training course. It's a four day program- two consecutive Fridays and Saturdays So I missed "Lace up the Mountain" this week and I'll miss the "Newbie Run" next weekend. But the mediation course is awesome! In the litigious/combative culture we live in mediation is, IMHO, a better way to go by leaps and bounds. I'm psyched to use what I'm learning to beef up our mediation program at work and to develop a niche for myself outside of work. Completion of the program will allow me to work as a volunteer community mediator.

Through all this great stuff, the fitness part of my life is all over the place again. Kind if like a yo-yo on steroids. So despite my hesitance to sign up for events - having to bail on three in 2103 - I am officially registered for the Tyler 10k on April 5, 2014. I bailed for health not laziness and maybe having a goal is really what I need to keep moving. This will by my first trail race. It's also the first time I've ever registered for something with so little confidence that I can actually do it. Even for my first marathon (2008) I had more confidence - even before I found a group to train with. Life is an adventure though so here I go ......

I've also set my sights on the Brandywine Trail End to End Hike. The Brandywine Trail connects the Horse Shoe Trail at Ludwig's Corner to the Mason Dixon trail 36 miles south in Chadds Ford. According to its website it is accessible only to members of the two groups that maintain the trail - not sure how they police that - and to participants in this event. A 12 hour time limit for 36 miles with SAG wagons at mile 13, 23 and 29 to take you back to the start if you aren't going to make it. Judging by the pace of our Horseshoe Trail hikes I think I can manage this. Anyone care to join me? by the way, trail buddies, I noticed from the results page of the race that some folks run it. :)

If I'm going to do any of this, I need to get my butt training for trails. Can't think about that now (although I know I must soon). For now I need to set a manageable and beatable goal just to keep moving. So a minimum of 2 miles on my feet every day for the next 89 days, 6 hours, 57 minutes, 38 seconds....(See I told you I'd work it in.) 178 miles minimum on my feet by cruise time. And to keep my cycling skills from disappearing a minimum of 10 bike miles every weekend. Without a light yet it's foolish to set a daily goal on the bike right now. I'll run or walk in the dark (I can carry a flashlight if needed) but not bike. Plus if we have a week long blizzard (I wish) I can always do 10 on a trainer. I won't like it but I won't die.
Thanks for all who are still with me despite my constantly moving targets, do-overs and restarts.
Keep smiling and keep moving folks.



  1. wanted to say hi and love reading your posts. have fun on that cruise :)


  2. That hike sounds really tempting! Timing might not work for me, but I'll keep it in the back of my mind. :)