Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Spider webs, a goose and loons

Oh my! We ran again tonight at Haverford College. This time though we were armed with headlamps, flashlights and reflective gear so we could manage two loops. Seriously, it was like night and day from one loop in the setting sun and one in complete dark. It felt like a whole new trail the second time around. It was awesome!

Having learned my lesson from last week I hugged the right side of the trail tonight so the only thing I collided with was SPIDER WEBS. Strange too they were not there the first time around. Someone theorized that the spiders were using us for target practice in the dark. On one particularly tree root filled segment we were laughed at by a GOOSE. It was more of a cackle than a laugh actually and this prompted Maggi to tell a story about LOONS at her aunt's house. The story came complete with sound effects. I can only imagine what others on the trail must have thought when they heard that....or what it is they thought they heard.

I was a little annoyed on the first loop when my stupid left hip flexor started acting up. I tried to warm up before we started but obviously not enough. By the start of the second loop - a little over 2 miles - it felt better. More warming up is necessary and more regular stretching every day I guess.

Tonight I met Destrie a new runner with MLC. She is a very fast runner but stayed with us long enough for me to count her on my list of people I have run, walked, biked or hiked with. I also ran with Sara for the first time ever and added her to the list and realized that Naomi wasn't on my list either. We haven't run together since March! Hard to believe. So I could have added her last week. I'm up to 35 now with a 75 days left to hit 50 by December 1st.

Tomorrow some of us are meeting at Linvilla orchards to run a trail there and then Friday is a rest day.

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