Saturday, October 5, 2013

Back in the Saddle?

Well sort of. I was never in it for very long in the first place so it is weird to say 'back'... but it makes for a good title.

Today I rode to see sister Chris and her soccer team the Upper Darby Royals. Here is the route I took.

I've been planning this ride all week yet when I woke up this morning I was all but ready to write it off. I decided I was going to stay home and get some serious house cleaning done in anticipation of next weekend's Canadian Thanksgiving feast and the company that brings. I made myself some breakfast and settled in with a cup of coffee to catch up on some blogs, email and Facebook before starting to clean.

I went to Mike's Bike for Sight blog first. I learned about Mike Allen's journey to raise money for the blind and visually impaired through Dave's Lions club. The club will be hosting a bike for sight event next June to raise money for the same group. (Stay tuned for more on that) Mike left this morning (Saturday 10-5) to fly to Portland Oregon. In a day or two he will begin a 4000+ journey alone on a bike across the USA back Pennsylvania. Alone. Did you get that part? I've been following his blog and him on Facebook since I learned about the trip. It has been a dream of his to do this and it's finally happening. I'm in awe and captivated by what he is going to do.

I'm not sure exactly what it was about his simple post this morning that motivated me to get my butt back on the bike but it did. I'm tired, I don't feel 100% but I had to do it. Mike is going to have days like that in the next two months and doesn't have the luxury of skipping it. Well I guess he could but I'm pretty sure he won't. I have dreams (perhaps delusions) of doing a multi day bike ride of my own some day. Mine will be more like three days not two months but still a person has to start somewhere and I decided to start by riding to the soccer game.

It's a little embarrassing now looking at the elevation and comparing it to how tired I was at the end. I'm shaking that off though and focusing on the fact that I did it. Since my last post (two weeks ago) I've done almost nothing as far as exercise goes. I've been feeling like crap and as we know it's a vicious circle. I don't feel good so I don't go out but if I did I'd probably feel better and not going out makes me feel worse. Now I have to stick with it - keep smiling and keep moving right?

Stay tuned.

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  1. Yay you got out out and kept moving!!! And got to see your li'l sis the soccer coach as well - a good day all around I'd say!