Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Ramblings mostly about fitness without a purpose

Ok so there is always a purpose to fitness. If one defines fitness as minding your overall health, physical & mental well-being. My title, of course, refers to not having a goal event on the horizon. For me, the net effect has been positive. As I stated in an earlier post I can pretty much do what I want when I want and how I want. My only “goal” right now is to exercise regularly but I have no need to do any specific things. Still, there are some very odd disconnected emotions floating around as well.

One thing that hasn’t changed is the battle over whether or not to give up a workout. Without an event to plan for, I’d have thought the decision would be easier. I’m struggling with that today. It’s hot and humid. There are air quality and excessive heat warnings posted all up and down the I-95 corridor. I’m tired and I have a minor sore throat. Yet, I’m fighting with myself about whether to go for an after work bike ride. Well not really fighting it anymore. I’ve already decided not to but I’m still suffering from the internal battle as to whether it was a proper decision or a wimpy one. I guess I should take comfort in knowing that I don’t have to have an event goal to make exercise a valued part of my life. J

Another odd side-effect to deciding to have no competitive events this year is the feeling I get when I see others signing up for or talking about their events. I’m not sure how to define the feeling. I’m simply going to have to get over the addiction of going for a finish line. In the long run (seriously no pun intended), it will be easier on my mind, my body and my budget. J Note: I am not giving up finish lines. I’m hoping to be more selective however.
The treadmill test is Friday so technically I am still under doctor’s advice not to run or ride but I admit to cheating some. This is of course partly due to the freedom of having no schedule and - to be perfectly honest - partly because sometimes it just feels good to ‘break the rules.’ ;) And before anyone gets upset about that I am a pretty smart cookie. I wouldn’t go against doctor’s advice if I felt any palpitations whatsoever. Even the doc said it was just an overabundance of caution to wait.
I paid for the running, though, last Tuesday when I took a knee (to avoid taking a header) up on Mt. Misery. I’m pleased to report no major damage (other than my ego) and that I ran some on the Chapel Trail yesterday without incident.
I probably should wear my heart rate monitor more often and work to keep the rate in an aerobic zone. Quite frankly, in this weather the HRM is uncomfortable.

I’m 6 weeks more or less into trying to improve my eating habits and still so far so good. I feel that I’ve broken the habit of cereal for breakfast and sandwiches for lunch. I’ve had to stop and think more about what I’m going to have for a meal but that is not a bad thing just a “wow, this is more work than it used to be” thing. Interesting note, since switching my focus on more protein, veggies and fruit I’ve stopped taking a multi vitamin and iron pill every day. In the beginning I just forgot. I was so intent on putting my morning meal together I forgot. Recently I realized that I wasn’t taking them and also realized that I haven’t felt the need for them either. *shrug*. I’m ok with that.

I have signed up for a bike ride. The Cycles and Cemeteries Ride on September 21st. I’ll be doing it with Kristi Y and Thomas D and anyone else who signs up. Looking forward to a nice fall ride on the SRT with some very interesting history and lunch thrown in for good measure. If you are local and this is ride is 14 miles each way with a rest between the out and back. There is also an option to take a bus back if you don’t feel up to the round trip. You have to make that decision in advance, I think.

Until next time, keep smiling and keep moving.

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  1. You are just a generally happy person it seems! I can't imagine you not smiling or moving and I am enjoying vicariously your "wander living"--with a healthy purpose! :-)