Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Work and Fun in Harrisburg

Sunday through Wednesday (today) I was in Harrisburg, PA for our state association business meetings. These meetings are held three times a year. The title suggests I combined work with fun in these past three days. Truth is I love my job so much that it's not really work anymore. In addition to information, I get a lot out of these meetings learning the perspectives of REALTORS across the state. The rules and regulations that govern these folks is universal but the way they practice within those parameters is not and it can be fascinating (and yes sometimes scary).

A couple of years ago I started taking the train rather than driving. It's about the same amount of travel time but on the train I can leave later on Sunday and catch up on business or pleasure reading on the trip.
I tried to take a photo of the sunset we chased on the way
to Harrisburg on Sunday. It was much prettier than this
photo allows.

On Monday evening, while most of the group went to a polictical fundraiser (so not my cup of tea) I went for a walk. I decided to head North(ish) from the hotel. Usually I head to the river and walk the path there. I wanted to try something different. I had looked at a map over the weekend and discovered that there is a park not too far up the hill from the hotel which is only a block from the Susquehanna River. So up the hill I went.

The park is called Reservoir Park. See the reservoirs on either side
of the photo. Straight out between them is the city skyline.
My dork proof camera makes it look farther than it is.
I'm only 20 blocks or so away. To the right is the Capitol dome.

Another view looking the opposite way along the river.
You can't tell in the photo but I could see the plumes
from Thee Mile Island.

An overgrown garden pretty for all it's green-ness.
Even if most of it is weeds

The park also has a Civil War Museum! I think a day trip with Dave is in order. We can visit the museum and then go to a Harrisburg Senators game. :)

On at least one evening during each set of meetings the group goes out to dinner. The past three years they've chosen to go to the Harrisburg Senators game in June. This means club seats behind home plate and an all you can eat buffet thing. At this year's game Bob Boone threw out the first pitch and signed autographs during the second inning. I have to say I was disappointed at the number of people in our group who did not know how he is. And even more disappointed at the folks who simply said "Oh" when they were informed. I don't even want to know who among the readers of this blog had to go check the link. Although if you are under 45 and not from Philadelphia I might accept your excuse.

Anyway, I got in line at the second inning - with the poster they handed out as we arrived - to get my autograph. The poster was of his playing days (30+ years ago) so the contrast between the photo and present day reality was interesting. When I returned to my seat I commented that I wish I had brought my camera. I had left it at the hotel figuring it was just something extra to carry. Silly me. Leann said she'd take one with her phone. I was still hesitant but she talked me into it. We went back up and just made it in line before they shut it down. I was still hesitant because I didn't see anyone else asking for photos. However, thankfully Leann was determined and Mr. Boone was very gracious in posing for one.

It turns out I didn't have to go back in line. After the autograph session was over Mr. Boone came to sit in the seats one section over from us behind home plate. A fact that prompted my friend Bill to say "I bet that's the only way he can watch a game". Get it? Because Boone was a catcher? Anyway, he sat there and chatted with the baseball scouts sitting there. I didn't know this until someone told me but he is an assistant general manager with the Washington Nationals now.

Anyway, the Senators lost the game by one run but it was slugfest. With over 15 hits in the game it was an offensively active game and with only two errors (one for each team) it was less painful to watch than recent Phillies games. Having said that the Phillies pulled out a win in the 10th last night. Maybe "ya gotta believe". (Another vintage Phillie said that btw.)

Health update: As expected, eating healthy was a challenge these past few days. I wasn't perfect but I  I did NOT have any junk food so I'll call it a win. Being a Hilton Honors member made it easy to keep up my hydration since that meant two bottles of water every day delivered to my room - all free :) My heart behaved more or less. I still have flutters and ball-through-the-boa-constrictor feelings pretty regularly but except for the climb up the hill to Reservoir Park they were pretty mild. I only felt dizzy a few times and only momentarily each time.


  1. Funny...I would not have thought of you as shy about asking for a photo. Interesting. Glad you got it though! Nice picture!

  2. Hey - don't dis the Phillies - not cool! And today was their fourth consecutive win and they're finally at the .500 mark! ya gotta believe is right!

    Glad you had a fun trip~