Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blockbuster Summer Weekend Part I

Saturday June 22-

It's a little more humid today but nothing a few extra bottles of water can't handle. Summer is two days old now and doing it right.

Today I went for a walk/hike around trails at Haverford Reserve. If you are local this is what they built on the old Haveford State Hospital site. It's now a mix of community center, ball fields, playgrounds, trails and residences for people with lots of money. The residences that is not the other stuff. The recreational stuff is open to plain folk like me! I've been wanting to check out these trails for some time now and today was the perfect day to do so  - not just for the weather. The Misery Loves Company trail runners (remember the Rode to Joy?) were doing a point to point run from Swarthmore College to Haverford College as a farwell run with Gabby who is moving to South Carolina next week. Leave it to Pete to find a route of that distance that covers more trails than paved roads. Actually where we live is full of secret and not so secret trails if you care to look for them. I knew the last leg of their route would be through this area so that's why I chose today. Here is a photo of Gabby and Me when they arrived. (Courtesy of Pete because I exhausted the battery on my camera taking photos on the trail.)

Gabby has an infectious smile and an great attitude. I first met her when she joined our running group to train for a marathon 2 years ago. We trained through heat and humidity as well as cold and snow that season and even with our 7 am starts she was always smiling. I wish her and her family luck in their new adventures in South Carolina.

So while I waited for Pete and Gabby and company to arrive I wandered around the trails. I had a great time exploring. A little bit of hills but nothing I couldn't manage. I started out on the Southbrook Trail which - according to the map - was about a half mile out. I figured go out turn around and come back and then try another one. None of the trails on the map are more than a mile long. Each goes out and back (and sometimes around) Parkview Road - the main road in the comlex. What I discovered though is that people have blazed trails off the official map trails and I had a great time exploring them. After about an hour wandering around the Southbrook trail I climbed up to the road and discovered I was at Darby Road and Marple Road. I followed that back down to the entrance of the Reserve and started over. Along Marple Road there was a nice mix of old and new houses. Some ugly McMansions but some really nice old stone houses too as well as few more modern stucco ranch houses. I didn't get any photos because my camera had already given up by then. Here is a photo I did take of a house I saw ON the trail.

Ok what's left of the house. Wouldn't it be fun to find out who lived in it once? You can see more photos at the Facebook page for my blog here. Allegedly you can see the photos without a Facebook account but if you do have an account and want to like my blog there...well that'd be cool! Thanks :)

Tomorrow - a hike at Forbidden Drive. See ya later!

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