Monday, June 10, 2013

A Message From the Past.

So I've been a little blue the past few days. I'm not sure of the cause exactly. The  obvious answer is I miss running but what I really miss is my fitness friends. The past three weekends I've been unable to meet up with the group. On Sunday I bailed on helping out at a race where I could have seen many of them. I did get some much needed sleep but I missed something else I needed. And likely the feeling that I needed to sleep was due to being a little down about missing my friends and can be a vicious cycle can't it?

 In my last post I commented that I'm a little lost without a goal. In today's email there appeared day 1 of a 21-day yoga challenge I signed up for almost a month ago and had forgotten about. Yay! Now I have something to commit to and a goal to complete all 21 days! Funny how these things work out sometimes. Funny and maybe just a little bit spooky. :) 

Today's session focused on easy movements with focus on breathing through them. It was only 15 minutes so I did it twice. That was the only way I'd get 30 minutes of exercise today. It has been raining like crazy today. like tropical storm without the wind crazy. The next batch is due in about half an hour and the radar shows tons more rain and thunderstorms too! 

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  1. Runners really like their routines so I am not surprised you're feeling a little out of sorts. Good luck on the yoga challenge. I have never been able to complete one of those.