Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 Days of a New Habit

So today marks day 30 of trying to eat healthier. The day is not over yet but I'm confident I'll make it. :).

Was I perfect. Heck no!! A co-worker went to Ireland this month and brought back Irish chocolate caramels. So yeah, I had some. Proud that I had three over three days instead of three in one day. Also, I didn't stick to giving up creamer in my coffee. Wawa Dark Roast with a splash of Irish Creamer is good. I am being careful to keep it to a splash though. Just enough. This past Friday I had a totally "off the wagon" dive into the M&M jar at home.Not going to shoot myself over it but definitely not proud of that!

The key to that one is trying to figure out why it happened. Can't say for sure but this past week was the most disorganized of the 4 weeks. During the first three I was careful to plan out my three meals. What each would consist of and shop accordingly. I got out of whack this week, got a little cocky and tried to wing it. While I did keep the grains off my plate and I did manage to have protein, veggie and fruit at each meal I don't think I had enough. I was still hungry and Friday came and I lost it. And yes I know I should have gone for a veggie or fruit based snack. *Shrug*. Stuff happens.

I had said I was going to avoid having the same food twice in one day or twice in a row at the same meal. Well I held to that for everything except blueberries. I LOVE blueberries and they are really cheap right now. So I did not stick to the plan when it came to blueberries. :) I did watch my portions and tried to limit it to twice a day though. I didn't want to give myself permission to go crazy.

Very proud that I skipped the garlic bread at the Townhouse where we ate for the Lions induction of officers meeting this week. Seriously folks, Townhouse make the BEST garlic bread. Also, I opted for fruit and a coconut based topping that Maggi whipped up at our group ice cream event after the Media Five Mile race. And I avoided all the cookies that our lunch vendor at work brings in. He really knows how to make cookies and we had a lot of classes this month.

Cool things I learned - a veggie salad for breakfast is quite enjoyable. Portion control on my meat the night before makes for a nice breakfast or lunch the next day. Just a few dried cranberries or raisins on my salad is better than dressing.

Overall, it's a win. I am more aware of what I'm eating and really that's what dieting (hate that word) is all about. I hate that word because it has come to be almost synonymous with food deprivation to lose weight. But what really works is eating healthier and sticking with that plan. Think about all the plans out there today: from weight watchers to Atkins to whole 30 and so on. It's all about paying attention to what you eat and creating a healthy habit. Not all plans work for everyone but with a little thinking we can find something that does. Don't let anyone tell you it's easy though.

So what's next? At the beginning of this month I had it in my head that I would 'treat' myself to a Dairy Queen Blizzard at the end of the month. But I've come to realize that the 'treating' thing is what gets me in to trouble. Not saying I won't have a Blizzard sometime this summer but it will be because I truly feel like having one not as a reward for anything.

In July, I'm going to continue the habit and try to build on it. I'd like to get more of my protein from veggies. I'm not going vegetarian or vegan. I love my meat and skim milk. I just don't think I need it at every meal. We need fat for energy I probably don't need  quite as much as I'm getting from the dairy that has been part of my protein portions. I have to be careful cutting too far back on the fat. too little fat(good fats) leaves one hungry and this - I'm convinced - is what caused the M&M overload on Friday. (Lest you think I'm being too hard about that incident let me tell you it was really a LOT of M&M's).

I need to try some new things too. I could easily get into a rut eating the same foods all the time. What are your favorite veggies, protein or fruit sources. How do you prepare or serve them?


  1. Favorite non-meat fat: avocados. I slice it up and add it into salads, I put slices on my eggs (usually with salsa -- which, btw, is a really good replacement for salad dressing, especially if you're a salsa fiend like I am!) I find that I stay full a LOT longer when I have that extra bit of healthy fat. Also, I think my skin is better when I have a good source of fat every day! (I also drink olive oil and take fish oil every night, and try to eat fish a couple times a week. Oh, sashimi, where would I be without you?)

    Favorite fruits: almost anything local and in season. I thought I was going to cry when the local strawberries were done.

    Current favorite protein: eggs. Eggs, eggs, eggs! I poach them and dump them on top of spinach salads, and when you break them open, the yolks become a rich, silky salad dressing. I fry eggs and dump them on top of steaks or burgers. I scramble them with TONS of veggies, or top with salsa.

  2. Ah - the ever repeated adage at my house..."Food is not a reward" (wanna bet? lol) Good for you for sticking to your plan!

    Brussels sprouts, halved or quartered, on a cookie sheet with tin foil, light spray of Pam or Pam olive oil, roast at 400 for 12-15 minutes. YUM! Of course, it helps if you like brussels sprouts first! We do the same to asparagus as well.

    Blueberries are not my thing but black and red raspberries in a little bit of plain greek yogurt - YUM!

    We eat a lot of salmon here - and like most other things, we just throw it on the grill. We use a shallow grill basket which makes it easy to contain and flip the fish without losing it all through the grate.