Monday, May 20, 2013

Red Light Green Light

1. 2. 3. Does anyone besides me remember playing that game as kids? I'm probably dating myself aren't I? *shrug*. And with that I haven't even begun the post and I've already digressed. LOL

Today I got what I'm calling a yellow light from the doctor. I spoke to the diligent Michelle who was able to track down the results of the tests and enough interpretation of them to learn that neither revealed anything urgent. There is no immediate need for me to see the cardiologist. I refrained from pointing out that that was a good thing since it took two weeks to get that answer. It isn't Michelle's fault. In hindsight it may be mine. Perhaps I didn't ask enough questions after that first visit. I'll explain that in a minute.

Michelle recommended I get an appointment with cardiologist #2. A suggestion with which I agreed since cardiologist #1 turned me away TWICE! I called C#2 and got the earliest appointment they could give me. July 1st. That is not a typo. The earliest appointment for a new patient with no urgent need is July 1st.

I asked the very kind and patient person at C#2's office my question about needing more tests and should I do that first. She said no. They way I understand her answer is the purpose of the first two tests was to rule out an emergency (again two weeks later??) and that now I needed to see the doctor and go through history and Q&A to determine what other tests will help him figure out what is going on. I wish someone had told me that two weeks ago. If they had (and this is where I think maybe I should have asked) then I would have made the appointment then and possibly gotten an earlier one. It could easily be cancelled if the tests had shown something urgent. I'm blessed with never having to see the doctor for anything other than routine visits, pregnancy or a cold. The downside is I didn't know how to handle this.

The question of whether I can run or cycle wasn't answered exactly. I should have asked what 'normal activities' mean. I'll probably test the waters between now and my appointment but I am also content to continue "wander walking". I enjoy it.

Tonight's miles were done at the Valley Forge Loop. I saw Julius and Sue at the start but once we got to the top of that first hill they - perhaps a bit reluctantly as most of us tend to do at that point - took off running. It was humid tonight but there were some breezes that made it ok.


  1. I remember red light green light only we kids didn't know that you were trying to tag the stoplight we just had fun ordering each other to run and stop.

    1. You come by that honestly Anne-girl. I think that's why we played it too! :)

  2. I like the wander-walking....If I lived in such a quaint quiet place I think that would be my activity of least until you get the "green light"!

    Which won't be long!! :-)