Monday, May 27, 2013

If You Need A Beach Chair, Go To The Beach.

On Saturday we went shopping. On the list were an egg slicer, a bag of weed and feed, possibly a bush for the front yard, belts, shorts and a beach chair. We managed to get the egg slider, the weed & feed and the belts. We decided we need some expert advice on the bush for the front yard and could not find any beach chairs or the right kind of shorts.

I have (had) a sand chair that I love to use on our front porch. The straps have been hanging on by a thread. All the stores we went to had resin, high off the ground chairs. We decided that we should go to the source to buy one. So this morning we went to Ocean City for the day.

It was a gorgeous day. The winds of the past two days
were much milder and it was warm in the sun.

We took a walk to the water's edge and I got sand in my shoes

Dave got his Taylor pork roll sandwich from Litterers

And I bought myself an OC jacket
to make up for the medal I didnt get this weekend.

Oh and we did get a chair too!
Before I sign off I want to thank everyone who sent me private and public well wish messages this weekend. I heard from so many different people in one form or another. You all made me smile. Thank you.

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