Friday, April 12, 2013

20 Mile Nerves

The confidence I had for 15 and 18 miles has flown the coop. I am more nervous for tomorrow's 20 miler than I can remember for any other run; including race days. Things I'm obsessing about - in no particular order:

#1 - I have to get up early - something I have not been good at lately.
#2 - I have to run 8.5-9 miles by myself first. I'll probably be fine on this if I can just get past #1
#3 - I will run the last 11.5 - 12 miles with the group and worry that I'll be too tired to keep up.
#4 - Convincing group to leave me behind when they try to stay with me because that's the kind of running friends they are. It's happened before even if they deny it.
#5 - What to wear. Long sleeves or short. It's going to be that in between kind of morning.
#6 - Whether or not to publish this whiny rant.
#7 - It's going to hurt. I know it's going to hurt.
#8 - If I don't make it I will have to cancel running the marathon.
#9 - I didn't sleep last night. I'm not sure if it's related to the nerves or not but what if I don't sleep tonight either?
#10 - I don't like feeling like this so why did I plan another marathon.

I've been searching motivation quotes all week. I've found some but they aren't sticking. Grrrr..... I guess I better practice what I preach. Keep smiling and keep moving. I hope it's enough.

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  1. Re #3.... cheer up! After you've run 8.5-9 miles, you only have 10.5-11 miles left to do with the group! There, I just saved you a mile!