Saturday, March 30, 2013

Making Lemonade?

All I can think of is the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade". That's how I feel about turning today's 20 mile run into a 4 hour walk.

After Tuesday's success I was feeling good leading up to this morning's run. I slept fairly well. Not great but better than I have been and I did not feel tired when I got out of bed at 5:15 a.m. I dressed, ate something and drove over to Pawlings Road to park my car. I was taking off at about 6:25 a.m.

I decided to head 2 miles out and back along Pawlings Rd/Audubon Loop and then go down Pawlings road the other direction to pick up the back end of the River Trail. I felt great until I tried to run. About half a mile in and I was breathing way too hard. I tried slowing down but nothing worked. I walked - got my breath back - and tried to run again. Same thing. I tried for about 2 miles and the same thing kept happening. I even tried using shorter intervals with the gymboss. It didn't help. I kept walking and pouted for the next 5 minutes or so. I contemplated going online and trying to give my marathon bib away. Fortunately I kept walking and saner thoughts prevailed and I resolved to walk for the same time it would have probably taken me to run 20 miles - 4 hours.

I manageed to get to the restrooms at Betzwood at 8 am to meet the group gathering there. I told John T and Caroline B that I would not be running with them afterall and instead headed out to walk with Mary. We did about 4 miles together. It was nice to catch up with and spend time with her. It was a gorgeous day for a walk today. The gang humored me for a shadow picture before we went out.

After leaving Mary at her car I headed out on the River Trail toward Pawlings Rd. I cut off the trail after the 1 mile marker and ended up on the SRT. I followed that up to the parking lot where my car was. I dropped off my gloves and emptied my pockets and headed back out. I decided to explore the PAwlings Road farm. I havent' been over that way for a long time. I explored the farm grounds and the trails between it and the River Trail ending back on the River trail. I kind of made a circle and came back to the car again. In total I walked about 15 miles. Here is the record of 12.75 of it. I had operator issues in the first 2.5. I tried running again after I left Mary. I managed to go a little longer this time but still did not feel good. It felt like I couldn't get enough air.

The downsides to today -
  • I didn't do my 20 mile run.
  • I almost let that make me give up my marathon
  • The breathing issues were scary and frustrating
The upsides to today -
  • I walked about 15 miles in 4 hours
  • My legs feel like they did that but I don't feel beat up
  • I spent quality walking time with a fitness buddy - Mary
  • I met two new fitness buddies - Wendy and Sandra
  • I got to chat briefly with my favorite stalker - David - who's been out since the Philly marathon with knee issues.
My fear is that I gave up on the running too easy. I really don't think so but I find myself second guessing it anyway. I need a nap. I'll feel better after that.

Here are some photos from my tour of the PAwlings Farm.

The house

The Barn

Beautiful Tree

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  1. You inspire me...even (or especially) on what you would call an 'off' day.