Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 9: February 6 - 10

I just realized I never posted Week 9. Here it is.

Monday - I wasn't up to YAYOG tonight but I didn't want to do nothing. So I found a 30 minutes yoga routine on youtube and did that. I followed that with slowly moving through all three warrior poses on each side. Then feeling just a tad guilty that I didn't do any YAYOG I tried to do as many knee on the floor push ups as I could. That amounted to only 8 but they were all done with a focus on form. It's no secret I need more upper body strength.

Tuesday - 7 miles tonight. This is the most miles I've ever done after work. I knew it would be dark before I finished so I combined some shorter routes that I've done before. I didn't want any surprises. The traffic lights made it difficult to stick to 2 mile intervals but it worked out more or less ok. There was sleety snow coming down at the start and the end but for mile 6 there were big puffy snowflakes falling. It was awesome!

When I got home I did some yoga stretches before showering. I wish I had discovered yoga years ago. Slow movements, focus on breathing and being in the moment made for some very effective stretches. I feel like I was able to get deeper into them and held them longer because my focus wasn't all on the pain or tug of the stretch.

Tonight I'm most proud of not allowing myself to consider skipping it. No excuses is really paying off.

I'm thinking I may have to start breaking in new shoes earlier than planned. I originally thought the end of February. But tonight I had to tighten the laces twice. I so rarely have to do that. Also I have hot spots on the inside of my right foot after Saturday and today. I chalked that up to moisture ( snow and puddles ) but with the looseness tonight I'm not sure now. I'll finish this week and see how they feel.

Wednesday - Tired tonight. I spent 45 minutes stretching. I feel better after that but still not energetic enough to do any YAYOG.

Thursday - I skipped today.

Saturday - I did not work out today either.

Sunday - I substituted trail running for time rather than miles. You can read about it here.

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