Sunday, January 13, 2013

Training Week #5; Jan 7 - Jan 13

Monday - YAYOG ladder workout. Push ups; swimmers; military press;pointers. I did these with my friend Maggi's voice in my head. Focus on your form. I feel like I worked! One thing about these, I've been avoiding pull excercises. They hurt! I have to try to get to them and just go easy at first.

Tuesday - 3 miles today. First I took my bike to Bikesport for an adjustment in the derailleur. While I was there I ordered an indoor trainer as well. I researched then online then asked the store owner for her thoughts and picked the one I wanted. Now it surely will not snow the rest of the winter .. :)

I headed to the Perkiomen Trail entrance at the diner to do my three miles. I should have brought my headlamp. The trail was ok most of the way from surrounding lights but about 10% of the portion I ran was pretty dark. I managed. The run felt good. Garmin read out I'm pleased that the pace was more consistent. I need to work on making it slower at first; faster later.

Wednesday - Yoga. I'm enjoying these classes a lot. I'm pretty sure I will sign up for the second session (10 weeks) that starts at the end of February.

Thursday - 60 minutes running. This was a mixed up fun run. First I went to the East Whiteland Twp building entrance to the Chester Valley Trail. I was meeting my friend Caroline at 5:00. I was early so I went out to get some miles/time in while I waited. About 1 mile in, Caroline called and said she would meet me at the Wegmans entrance. So I ran back to my car and drove the short distance to Wegmans. It was still early so I ran back and forth in the trail behind Wegmans. Caroline arrived and we crossed Route 29 and headed west on the trail. We got about 1.5 miles along when I suggested we turn around. My headlamp really isn't bright enough and we were losing light fast. All the way back we heard noises in the bushes. I'm certain we spooked a deer one point. I had a great run though and a good time. The Garmin report should be interesting.

I have to do a better job of stretching before and after. I've slacked off and it's starting to show. Nothing serious yet but the fact is I'm old and I have to stay ahead of these things.

Garmin read out (part 1)
Garmin read out (part 2); split #2 shows where I got bored running back and forth waiting so I walked one length; then ran one; walked one etc. Interesting the last 2.5 mile we did get progressively faster. Our pace is proportional to the amount of daylight left! :)

Saturday - 10 miles today . I ran at Evansburg State Park. You can read about it here.

I made sure I did some loosening up before the run today. I did not feel the bag of sand on my outer right thigh at all today. a few hours run I worked with the foam roller on all sides of my legs. My right IT band is still tight but it does feel less so.

A great run and I feel good. My only frustration is the my average pace was over 13 minute miles. I want to do 12's for the marathon. I was on trails which are slower and I didn't stop my watch in a few places where I could have but I don't think that was 14 extra minutes of time. No worries though. I'll keep working at it.

Garmin read out; my average moving time was under 13 but still over 12. My heart rate was signficantly higher on the trails which makes sense.

Sunday - 75 minute cross. I went out on the bike around Media today. I really want to get over on the trails and just ride - not worry about traffic - but our schedule today kept me closer to home. It was very foggy and misty. I was cold but the ride felt good. I didn't feel like I was struggling to get the time in as I was in previous weeks. I wasn't pushing but I was much less tired this week. Garmin read out

The derailleur fix was great. No rubbing and annoying metal on metal sound anymore. :)

I also worked  with the foam roller again a few hours after the ride.

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