Saturday, December 1, 2012

Watch Out For Flying Rolos

In our family we play group trivial pursuit where - unless it's a pie question - you can get a little help from the peanut gallery. Four teams of two and 9 on the sidelines makes for a very noisy and extremely fun game.
It's the 80's version so geography is a category that often requires careful thought. What was true then isn't necessarily true now. 
Personally, I stink at the literature category but most of my family - especially my nieces - romp in that one.  

Here, my brother is trying to get the answer to an entertainment question. The answer was not "The Beatles" and he swore the answer was near the tip of his tongue. He wanted quiet to try to shake the answer out of his head. There are 17 people playing the game and he wants quiet? He didn't get it and for just for the record - because you know this will come back to haunt him - the answer was Charles Laughton.

The purpose of the gathering was the annual family cookie bake. For the third year we gathered on Friday evening for a giant sleepover and all went to Shady Maple for breakfast on Saturday morning. 

Ya gotta love Lancaster County. Gift certificates for sod and see REAL haystacks..not the hayrolls I am used to seeing.

Time to get down to the business
of making cut out cookies

Bruce turned out to be the best roller
and a pretty mean decorator too. He likely colored inside
the lines in his coloring books.

Hard at work icing the gingerbread men

However, different than past years we baked the rest of
the cookies in advance and swapped before heading home.
This photo really does not do justice to the volume of cookies.

And what does this have to do with Flying Rolos? In group trivial pursuit when the peanut gallery gets the answer right they get a rolo of course. Catching them before they bonk you in the head takes skill.


  1. I think that's a record for getting a post up! So much fun! And in case anyone was wondering the question was something to do with "Witness for the Prosecution". Someone whop defended someone.

  2. Sounds like y'all had a fun time!!

  3. I cheated and read this before I wrote mine... but I promise I won't copy anything. Loved your title-- and the whole post!

    Also, I move we start calling them the Rolo gallery instead of the peanut gallery.