Monday, August 13, 2012

The Great Wawa Hoagie Debate of 2012

It came down to boys against girls and we all know what that means.......:)

I walked to MY Wawa in Media, PA and at 5:30 a.m. ordered an Italian classic, little oil, provolone cheese, roasted peppers, lettuce, tomato, salt, pepper, oregano and grated cheese. The hoagie was carefully wrapped and placed in our backpack which was carried on the planes. (Can you spot the flaw in this plan yet?)

The flights were uneventful save for three things. 1)TSA was re- checking large carry-ons in Philadelphia. The agent was very friendly and I was quick to tell her that the missile shaped object in the pack was a Wawa hoagie. 2) In Ft. Myers TSA walked around the gate area with dogs. Fortunately they were explosive sniffing dogs without a penchant for Wawa hoagies. 3) And this perhaps the strangest thing about the trip was having to fly by way of Ft. Myers. We were barely airborne before we landed again in Orlando. But it was better than waiting until 5:30 pm to leave Philadelphia.

We arrived at my sister's house a little after 3 p.m. and I discovered the flaw in my plan. Have you figured it out yet? Roasted peppers made the roll a bit soggy at one end. We popped it in the fridge and waited for my brother in law to get home then headed to the Kissimmee Wawa newly opened on August 8,2012.

I ordered the same hoagie. And the Bonus?????  FREE Wawa coffee for the grand opening week. Awesome!!

We cut the hoagies in 4 pieces and each one took the same part of each hoagie. All agreed that the PA hoagie had more meat. While both rolls were good the PA roll was softer. In the end the boys liked the Florida hoagie better and the girls preferred the one from Pennsylvania. Go figure.

To its further credit, Wawa did maintain the proper name of the sandwich - hoagie - and did not give in to the locals who think it should be called a sub.

You'll have to wait until I get home again for pictures because I forgot the doo-dad to offload the pics from my camera.

Other notes for today - for the girl who does not like air conditioning today was a bit stressful. Between airports, planes and cars it was HOURS before I got any real air. The upside is the pool water was awesome and I got in a relaxing night swim before the lightening came back. 


  1. I think the real boy/girl difference comes from the fact that we girls were essentially raised with Wawa while both boys are Johnny-come-latelys to the wonders of Wawa. And as such they are more amenable to changes in rolls and such.... Just a theory.

  2. kt -- i was thinking the same thing. there's a difference when you're RAISED on wawa.....

  3. Boys vs. Girls means we win, right?