Saturday, July 14, 2012

Running in the rain....

It is one of my favorite runs (in the summer at least) and for the sake of my fellow runners it's better than me singing in the rain. Phillyfit met at Forbidden Drive today. It was raining when I woke up - in fact the rain is what woke me up initially. I recieved an email, a text and a FB post from folks asking if we are still meeting. We generally run in everything except lightening. We had a good turnout considering the weather.

I've been drop-dead-on-the-couch-tired every night this week. I ran on Tues and Thurs and biked on Wed but had to force myself to go. I got my second wind for a little bit after each one but shortly after arriving home each night I was asleep. Yesterday I left work at noon and slept most of the afternoon and evening. So I was surprised that despite all that I was looking forward to 10 miles today. Damn... I'm addicted. The weekday workouts were the only things that revived me this week.

I ran my first 8 miles with Swati. She's joined Phillyfit last year but this is the first time I had to spend any time with her. No one else in her group was doing the 8 so I decided to keep her company and get to know her. She is trying to add running to her walking this year so I set my gym boss to 1 and 1 and tried to keep a step behind her and let her set the pace. Easier said than done but I think I did mostly ok. We talked most of the way and I learned a lot about her and her family. This made for a very enjoyable 8 miles.

After seeing Swait safely to home base and handing out a few t shirts I went back out for another 2 miles so I could log my 10 for the day. All in all I feel ok. It might be time for new shoes though. My feet hurt a lot today. My left hip and hamstring are achy too. I stretched a good bit after and will do more as the day progresses. I haven't been keeping up with those stretches this week being so tired. This just proves how important they are.

My original plan for today was to run the 10 miles come home and bike another 10 ... easy bike miles down 252 to 320 and back. I was actually looking forward to finidng out how my legs would hold up. The rain had let up when we left Forbidden Drive but when I got home it started again and it's been a steady teeming rain since. I decided not to bike. I know that eventually I will have to do that ... ride in the rain...especially if I really do want to ride in the ACS ride next year but not today. I was soaked from the run and getting a chill and hungry.

IF it lets up I might go later. But the longer that takes to happen the less likely I will. I'm scheduled to help out at the Back on My Feet event tonight 10 pm - 2 am so I do see a nap in my future today.

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