Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Never Regret the Distance

The alarm clock went off at 6 am. Not unusual for a Wednesday morning. Except that today is a holiday and that should mean a day to sleep in. And I would have except that a group of fitters was meeting at 7:30 to put in 4 miles for the 4th. I admit to taking an extra minute to get out of bed as I contemplated rolling over and going back to sleep. I'm really glad I didn't.

There had been rain in the early (earlier) morning hours. The tree lined Betzwood trail provides nice shade but it also holds in the moisture for a kind of rain forest affect. Not that I've ever been to a rain forest. Maybe someday, though. So conditions were very humid. I think this run ranks up there as one of the mosy sweaty... for me.

There were quite a few Phillyfitters out and I'm pretty sure there was a partner for everyone. As we started out I fell in with and stayed more or less with Helen, John, Mark and Julius. Toward the end their pace really picked up it was a push for me to keep up but since it was toward the end I decided to stick it out. We were doing 2.5 and 1 intervals.

I love running with these folks (not just the four I hung with today)and I miss their company on Saturdays. The red group which I am keeping watch over on Saturdays is great and I'm getting to meet new people- some of them brand new runners which is fun - but I miss the 'gang'. I'm grateful for weekday workouts where I can run with them again.

Much of the training advice for easy runs encourages a person to use the talk test to guage your effort. I swear with this group it's more like the laugh test. If we can't laugh across the miles we are going too hard! :)

Why would I want to sleep in and miss that? Oh and it's a good feeling to have put in some miles to start the day but not really the primary reason for getting up early to run.

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