Monday, July 16, 2012

100 Miles

- On a bike.
- I am going to do it. Don't even think of trying to stop me.
- I returned to bike riding after a 20 year hiatus on July 8, 2012.
- I will do the 100 miles as part of the ACS Philadelphia Bike-a-Thon. This year's ACS ride - July 8 - included a route option from the Ben Franklin Bridge through Wharton State Park which brought the rider's total to 97 miles. Assuming there will be the same or similar option next year that's the one I will do. For those of you keeping track, I'll ride 3 miles before the start if that makes you feel better.
- I have 50 weeks give or take to get ready.
- I will ride in memory of Lexi Speight.

I may form a team with friends and family. I challenge you to join me. I'm 52 and a half years old. The most miles I've completed since my return to riding is 13 miles. If I can do this so can you !!! You just have to believe, keep smiling and keep moving. If you are local we can train together in person if not we can do so through Facebook.

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