Sunday, May 27, 2012

Recap Week #1

I've been back running for more than one week but this is the first where I actually set out a schedule and tried to stick with it.

In the end I did 15 miles for the week. I didn't run all of it but I was on my feet for all of it. The unplanned extended walking portions came on Wednesday with my forgetting to eat bonking episode and on Saturday when I was out with a new Phillyfitter and decided getting to know her was more important than running more. As it was we did some run intervals just not as many as I would have on my own.

My original plan this week was 3 each on T, W. TH. Unfortuantely on Thursday I came home from work with a very bad sinus induced ear ache. I can't even begin to describe the pain. By the time I was able to ease it I was too wiped out to run. So I tacked on those 3 to Saturday (making 4 into 6) and Sunday (making 2 into 3).

I debated the tacking on. Partly because I wasn't sure I was up to it and partly because I had just read an article that said don't do that. But I really wanted to get to 15 this week. In the end I decided to let my legs decide. If there was any pain I'd stick with the original plan (4 on Sat; 2 on Sun). I think it helped that I ran 2 before group miles on Saturday and then had about 20 minutes rest before the next 4 which as I already said were at less intensity than I would have on my own. Whatever, I still got them in.

I also decided to sign up for the SEI Rush Hour run on June 7th. This has become a very popular race with Phillyfitters. It is run on the trail that we often use so it's very familiar and the post race food is awesome. For $25 I can run with my friends and get a really nice dinner out of it after.

Tomorrow is a day off. And a day off from work so bonus :). Next week's schedule is
T, W, Th - 3,2,3; Saturday 5 with the group and Sunday 2.

I'm finding it easier to work my strecthing into my day and before and after running. It still isn't a part of my routine though. It's still a matter of 'working it in'. I'll know it's routine when I miss it and miss that I missed it.

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