Sunday, May 6, 2012

C25k Week 2

This week's workout is 15 min walk; 1 min jog/2 min walk 4 times; 10 min walk. I was not quite back home yet so the full workout was 40 minutes instead of 37. No harm done there.

I was careful to stretch before I went out. My left groin/hip was a little sore in the first 5 minutes but as it has in the past that went away and more importantly did not return after I was done. It was probably the cam impingement pain then. Doc told me I'd still get that pain because of it. The inner side of my left hamstring was sensitive while both running and walking. I may have performed the stretch too far. Other than that all went well. It feels a little weird running so little but until I can do this without any pain I'm going to stick with it.

Working hard means doing what has to get done. For now that means holding back and following the program even if it is maddening.

When I got home I repeated the glute and hamstring stretches and followed them with leg lifts (back and front) using 2 pound weights on my ankles, the silly looking clam shell maneuver on both sides and then did two sets of front, side, back, side plank holds for 30 seconds each.

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