Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Today I decided to test my hip with some jogging. Ok those of you that know me know I didnt just decide it today I've been working up to this (obsessing) for at least a week. :) I've been walking and last week I got up to 5 miles without pain or limp. So this week I wanted to test it jogging. The PT asked me if I had yet so I took that as an ok to try.
I was weirdly (as only a dork can be) excited all day at the prospect of trying to run today. Even for just the short bit I had planned. I did my stretches and excercises this morning with a renewed sense of purpose. I walked to my morning meeting (about a mile away) with all my attention focused on how the hip felt while walking. It was fine. I came home from work and did the stretches again. I decided to wear my "Running means Independence" shirt from the Philly half as inspiration. I was ready to go.

My long range goal I have decided is to be able to run pain free for 30 minutes by July 1. If I get there sooner all the better but as long as I get there by July 1st I'll have 12 weeks to get ready for the PDR on September 16th. It would be nicer to start when Phillyfit starts (May 12th) because then my vacation Aug 12-22 will be less of a factor. I'm not sure if that's realistic.

My plan tonight was to walk for 25 minutes and very lightly jog for 5 and see what happens. Funny thing, I haven't run in so long I drew a blank on how to reset the timer on my watch. LOL. Anyway off I went. I felt fine walking. I finished a mile in 16 minutes and kept going. At 25 minutes I began my jog.

Instant groin pain. On the first left footfall. *sigh*. In the same spot where this whole thing began. I kept moving slowly as I tried to figure out what to do. I decided to keep going and see what would happen. In the past the pain would go away after about a 1/4 mile. However, back then I wasn't stretching or warming up first. For now I concentrated on posture, keeping it slow and keeping my hips aligned. No shuffling or dragging either leg but especially the left. I think I did ok on all counts but the pain remained. It didn't get worse but it didn't get better. I stopped after 5 minutes (30 minutes total on my feet) and walked the remaining short distance home. Once I stopped jogging the pain went away but my hip/groin/upper thigh felt tight. Not a painful tight more like a numbing pressure. :( Once inside I did all the stretches again. After that the tightness (or whatever) went away and I feel mostly fine now. The spot where the pain was feels a little irritated.

Maybe I should have started earlier than 5 minutes and run short intervals instead. Tomorrow it's back to PT. Unless he says to stop I'll try again on Thursday. I go back to the doctor on Monday. Stay tuned.

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