Monday, February 20, 2012

John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

The JHNWR is located in Tinicum on wetlands just west of the Philadlephia Airport. For all the time I lived in this area I've only ever been there once and that was very briefly. The refuge has several miles of trails running between the vistor center at Lindbergh Boulevard and Route 420 in Prospect Park. Today I parked at the visitor center (which was closed for the President's Day holiday) but there is also parking off route 420.

The path leading just away from the visitor center is pavement but it changes quickly to alternating dirt and gravel. It is pretty much flat. The paths are well marked; a yellow dot means you are heading toward 420 and a blue triangle means you are heading toward the visitor center. I wanted to do 5 miles today so I followed yellow dots for 2.5 miles and then followed blue triangle back. I was able to take a slightly different route back.

I saw a ton of birds but except for the ducks, I'm not sure what they all were. I imiagine this trail looks different in each season. Being so close to my home, I think this will become a good one to work into my mix of weekday or Sunday runs. Saturdays are reserved for Phillyfit :). This location is probably too far for most Fitters but I hope to entice a few of them to meet me there sometime.

Today's run was a bit rough. I completed just over 5 miles in 1:02 and change. 5 minutes slower than the 5 miles I did with John T from Pawlings Road last Wednesday. Consistency is obviously a key; I haven't run since Wednesday. I just haven't been feeling great. I really should get out anyway. IF you are following this blog with any regularity you are probably tired of hearing me say that. I'M tired of hearing me say that. I know consistency is important but I still find ways to make too many excuses. Some day I'll learn it for good.

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