Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Philadelphia Half Marathon

On Sunday I will run my (calculating.......) wow 10th half marathon. I didn't realize that until now. Hmmm.

Well my training is what it is so the race will be what it will be. How's that for profound? Seriously, though, I am aiming to just get through this one happy and in one piece. Although of late I've been feeling better and running better, I'm still way behind in my training. So my focus is on enjoying the 13.1 miles and then heading out onto Kelly Drive to cheer in the Phillyfit folks who are running the full marathon. I even have my sign all figured out but I can't say it now in case any of them happen to read this before Sunday. :)

After that it will be a week of no running. Instead I'll be enjoying a week off work; painting the living room and of course walking in the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Then it's back to work and planning for next year's running season. More on that later.

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