Friday, October 28, 2011

Good week #2

I followed up the 6 miles on Saturday with 3 on Sunday. On Wednesday I went out with Jeannie and John on the Chester Valley Trail. At their pace this would have been a tempo run for me. I'm pretty sure they slowed it down some for me though so it was somwhere between their pace and mine. Still I kept up. We ran 15 minutes out. Took a short walk break and came back.

I was happy to have a run with Jeannie. She will be doing the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. She looks strong. Has a slight case of nerves but that is normal. John will be doing his first 21 miler on Saturday in preparation for Philly Marathon in November. He looked good too.

Thursday was an off day and today I went out for 30 minutes around the neighborhood. I'll be off tomorrow supporting Phillyfit for their 21 miler and then doing the Lupus Loop 5k with Kristie and her team on Sunday.

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