Saturday, April 30, 2011

Down to hours

According to my little countdown widget there are no more days left, just hours. 22 hours and change until the start of the Gettysburg Marathon. It is a gorgeous day here in Media, Pa. I'm hoping it follows me west and holds until tomorrow. is forecasting temps from 51 at 7 am to 62 at 2 pm.;humidity hovering around 50-60%; partly cloudy. I'm not sure it could be any more perfect! It will be a chilly start but will be fine once we get moving.

This is my second travel race. Hershey being the first. Well I guess technically Disney was one too but it felt different since I was staying with KT and JL (sister and brother in law). Anyway, packing was crazy. I have two of everything which is probably a mistake cause then I have to take time to decided what to wear. I'll make a decision tonight in the hotel room and stick with that. I'm glad I packed my ear covering for the early chill. Guess I'll use a trash bag for early morning warmth. Small race so not sure if they will pick up clothes if I bring an old sweatshirt. Maybe I'll go throw one in and ask at packet pick up if we can discard along the route. I also packed a bagel and peanut butter, water and fruit cups. Don't want to have to go looking for breakfast in the morning.

Leaving here around noon. I'm going to take route 30 rather than the turnpike. This will probably add about 20 - 30 minutes to the drive but it will be very relaxing especially on a day like today. I'm taking my camera for pictures today. I'm not carrying it with me running though. I just want to run this one. It won't fit in my belt anyway. I needed 8 gels with my every 3 mile strategy. I managed to fit them all in my water belt no need for an extra pouch. My belt is going to be a bit heavy to start and it will get ligther as I go. It's all good.

No camera means no after race pictures but I will make sure to get a pic of the medal to post :)

Ok I guess I better finish getting ready; go grab a trash bag and sweatshirt. See y'all again last Sunday :)

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