Wednesday, June 24, 2009


On Tuesday, I did my first hill workout of the season. I did not do them with any consistency last season. I was focused on getting mile and minutes in. This seemed appropriate being that it was my first running year. This year I'm determined to follow the training schedule more closely. So I did 5 reps on the 8th street hill and ran one mile before and one mile after. 8th street is a killer once..5 times I thought I was going to quit. But I didn't so yay me! Note to self; bring a water bottle to store at the bottom of the hill. I was hydrating all day but breathing so hard made my mouth really uncomfortable.

Today is a rest day. I was going to take it fully to heart as I have been tired all day. But Im feeling better now and I think I'll go for a short walk. I'm hoping to run 4 days, walk 2 days (the rest days in the schedule) and rest on Fridays.

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